World Becoming

Session 9/14/17

A chance meeting in the Dusk Wood. Arrival at Veraetus.

Four strangers, all traveling in different parts of the world find themselves transported to place known as the Dusk Forest. Each came to a crossroad, unsure of where they were or who they were facing. The travelers introduced themselves. There was Bardia, a goblin seeking to get away from home. He traveled with Luce, a half-elf disciple who was without a home completely. They were met by Tira, a human seeking to complete her warrior's rite. Lastly, there was Sarea, a half elf who desired employment without scruples as to where she found it.

When it became obvious that night would not fall and that the day would not break, they went in search of an escape from a forest in perpetual twilight. Bardia was first to act by scaling the trees using a whip that seemed to extend from his own body. As he rose, clouds thickened and all was obscured. In the distance he identified the sound of someone else in the woods. After a while, it was found that a human female was somehow stuck in a tree.

Once freed and safely on the ground, she revealed that her name was Petra and seemed somehow unconcerned to be in the famed woods that swallowed people and dispersed them throughout the world. She explained that she could have the forest deliver them to another forest of their choosing. Plucking a sack of soil pinned to a map and notes from a book, she used her Druidcraft to release the scents and sounds of a forest they were destined for. With that she left them to escape into the breeze of a far less enchanted wood.

With that adventure over, they traveled together in the direction of the nearest hub of civilization, a city named Veraetus. Along the way they spotted blight among the trees of the forest and soon after came to a clearing in the center of the forest that was made of nothing but blighted trees. In what was like a vast field of necrosis survived one tree. The single tree was vibrant in color and beautiful in shape. Under this tree wept the figure of a girl.

Not before long did they hear the shrill voice of an invisible observer speaking over their shoulder. Eventually a moth sprite revealed itself and admitted to blighting the trees around them. Bardia, glancing toward the lone tree met his eyes directly upon the Dryad crouched by that tree and was charmed instantly. Bardia began to approach the tree. Though his actions were guided by enchantment, the sprite took offense and began to attack the group. Bardia fell briefly to a chill ethereal touch and was revived after Tira cleaved the creature in a single blow.

Soon after the Dryad explained that the sprite had blighted her people to venerate the Dryad. She thanked the four travelers for dispatching the fey being and gifted each with trinket shaped from the dead wood around them, but not until she breathed a bit of her own life into them.

The four of them continued on their travels and eventually made it out of the wood and onto the arterial roads toward the city of Veraetus. A few days travel they found themselves in the company of others traveling to and fro. When at last they came to Veraetus, the traffic outside the city was an unusual mess. Veraetus, though almost a city-state in its own rite, was in fact a part of a larger country, a loose alliance of several large cities located near the waterways and sea in this region. Political games had forced the city to shut down flow in and out of the city in order to have passing goods inspected.

Tira met with other humans from her region who shared with her information about this land and a possible lead on the orcs that she hunted as part of her rite. Luce was able to deliver a letter into the city asking for assistance from her religious order. The next day a response arrived and passage was given to Luce and her company. After a brief meeting with captain of the guard, a female human who seemed in an ill mood to deal with bureaucracy, the four travelers were at last within the walls of civilization.


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